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“10 questions to know them”

Short Interview to Michela Di Crescenzo Mani’s designer.

You have the absolute power for a day, the frist thing you would do?
I go off!
If your life were a movie what would be the title?
The long way. In and OUT colours?
IN: Fuchsia – Cobalt Blue – White – Yellow-billed duck! OUT: none!Evrething is relative!
The true luxury is?
live with respect for what you are.
What are you reading?
Tell me where you is’ bad and I’ll tell you why , the calls of the body are the messages of the soul, The Kama Sutra illustrated, Ananga – Ranga – The Perfumed Garden.
What did you want to do when you were 13?
To have fun and loving.
If you were a fabric you would be…?
What do tou think money is for?
…doing what you want to do, without thinking!
Ice cream with coffee or chocolate with whipped ice-cream?
Chocolate with cream.
If I say Italy what do you think about?