Sara Spano

Vintage sweaters and accessories

Experience: graduated in Fashion Design in Milan, and specialized at the professionalcentre of dressmaking, Italy.

Brand features: a style embracing essential elegance, primeval shapes,confidence and modernity, without neglecting comfort, through usingsophisticated tissues, soft, wide and light sensual lines. Sara is an eclecticartist, allured by everything is beauty, grace, daintiness and preciosity. She sustains that a right amount of forbearance, and a feel of elegance, not onlymight simplify life, but even make it more delightful.

Creates: a pret-a-porter line of vintage sweater and accessories featured by gentle tissues and simple shapes.

“10 Questions to know them”

Short interview to Sara Spano designer of the homonym brand!

3 things you love, 3 things you hate…
I love flying away with my mind, hair flying in the wind, a blooming flower. I hate those who hate the diversity, the lack of humilty and closed windows.
Word or phrases you too often say?
What time is it?
Do you have any obsessions?
varnish my nails
Margherita or capricciosa pizza?
Margherita, without a doubt
If you were a season which one would you be?
Autumn. It’s so fascinating, it always gave to me a mistery and peace sensation.
You are the witness, how would you dress up?
It’s very important to choose the right dress tastefully. For the evening I would dress up the most classic one, the “must have” for a woman wardrobe, the well-rounded dress par excellence: the black dress. You just need to add a jewel to embellish it. A simple style made unique by the choise of the correct fabric, that often is the true luxury. It has only to be special and make the woman who dressed it up feel special.
What does keep you awake?
Ginseng coffee
From where you are the world seems to you like…
An intimate place, only mine, where I can hide myself or simply enjoy the silence
What kind of footwear do you wear in this moment?
A pair of leather vintage sandals
You have the absolute power for a day, the first thing you would do?
I pack my bags and I move to Provence

Au Revoir!