I Nodi Celesti

“10 Questions to know them”

I Nodi Celesti” are Laura Anna Revelli and Nicole Bionaz, so we will have 2 answers for each question, we will fathom how much they are similar…
(L: Laura Anna ‘s answers; N: Nicole ‘s answers)

To be or to have?
L: To be for having
N: Both is better!
What put you in a good mood?
L: The smile of my son.
N: Good music, good news and my friends!
People can be divided into?
L: Free and captive, in the broadest sense of the term.
N: Nice and disagreeable!
What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
L: Goodmorning, what to invent today and where is my puppy?
N: Noooooo! It’s just time to get up!
What did you want like to do when you were 13?
L: Save the horses.
N: The painter!
If you were a mineral or a stone which one would you be?
L: Aquamarine, because gives serenity and creativity and because it protects sailors from rough seas and I feel like a sailor
N: A diamond because is said to be a little fragment of a falling star. I like to think I am like a little bright star
Something you wanted and you didn’t have…
L: Finish college.
N: The scooter when I was 14, sob!
A proverb?
L: don’t agree with what you say but I would give my life so that you can continue to say
N: We are what we think
If I say Italy what do you think about?
L: Art in all its forms
N: Fashion

L: A nodo celeste
N: A celestial bye!