Momo Galén

“10 Questions to know them”

Short interview to Giorgia Arcidiacono Momo Galén fashion designer

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Breakfast and immediately to work
Do you how to iron a shirt without making too much creases?
Absolutely yes!
You are the witness, how would you dress up?
Obviously with a Momo Galén’model, a powder blue full dress decoration on the neck and cherry and grey hairband, with blue satin shoes
Bread, butter and marmelade or brioche with chocolate?
Bread, butter and marmelade, without a dobut!
How do you wear your hair in this moment?
Down, long and hair-set!
The best present you ever gave?
Some pictures with poems written by me.
If you were a song which one would you be?
La vie en rose by Edith Piaf.
IN and OUT colors?
IN: black, blue, old-rose, flesh coloured. OUT: all kind of brown but burnt brown, dark blue-green.
Your last buy?
A pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.
If I say Italy what do you think about?
I think about a little country with big brains.

“The artist giveS a chance for an ambitious idea, whose only desire is to become art…”
I greet you with this phrase, which is the core of my thought about fashion.