mnmur – Upcycling Design

Minimal and linear design, union of style and

Education: Marco Giambra degree in Graphic and Web Design. Laura
Comino degree in History of Art.

Brand Features: mnmur was born in Turin by the idea of two young designers, that together make fashion and eco-design items. mnmur is a small house of production of bags, wallets, belts made through the recovery of an unusual waste material: the inner tube of the bicycle.

Creates: bags and accessories using the most of the properties and technical characteristics of the material. mnmur seeks geometrical simplicity in the lines and forms, combining the aesthetics and practicality. For the realization of their products mnmur young artists start from their needs and what they like, letting the brands reflects their
personal style, their ideas.

“10 Questions to know them”

mnmur” are Laura Comino and Marco Giambra, so we will have 2 answers for each question, we will fathom how much they are similar…

(L: Laura’s answers; M: Marco’s answers)

3 things you love, 3 things you hate?
L: I love London, chocolate and “The History” by Elsa Morante, I hate traffic, good manners and rudeness.
M: I love travelling – design – street art; I hate pimps – the too pessimistic – the inconclusive
If your life were a movie which would be the title?
L: Amelie
M: Ex Drummer
A sentence with the subjunctive?
L: If I had more time!
M: If I were mentally ill I believe that Ruby is the nephew of Mubarak.
The last book you bought?
L: Choke by Chuck Palaniuk
M: Nothing Alberto Salza
What’s on your desk?
L: I do not have a desk!
M: Pliers – sunglasses – maps – wands – keys – paper – phone – black marker – cigarettes – Cables – Computer
Cappuccino and croissant or toast and orange juice?
L: cappuccino and cornetto.
M: coffee without sugar.
If you were an item of clothing which one would you be?
L: a pair of dark jeans too shabby.
M: T-Shirts Heavy Metal.
“Fur” or “no fur”?
L: No, no fur!
M: if not status symbols, only if you need to.
What does keep you awake?
L: Sometimes insomnia
M: thoughts
Today what is taboo?
L: prohibitions dictated by the environment and society.
M: fingers in the nose.

L: Bye!
M: Greatings!