Linearea di Roberta Sacco

… ideation exclusive!

Education: Architect specialised in advertising. Art director of IED

Brand Features: Lineaerea creates unique pieces of jewelry and develops a new language where harmony and attention to details give new shapes to common material.  These creations find their added value in the slogan of “less is more”, and they embody a new way of being precious. Lineaerea jewelry is hand made in limited edition. Each piece is exclusive. Moreover, the service is personalized. A few simple gestures give new life to daily materials, which become precious handcraft conceived for wearing. On the Lineaerea site you can find a video that will help you make your own piece of jewelry with recycled materials.

Creates: If you need a piece of jewelry that matches your new dress, perhaps for an important occasion or if you desire a unique piece, Lineaerea creates your jewelry and makes your dream come true.

“10 questions to get to know them”

Short interview to Roberta Sacco, designer of Lineaerea brand.

Suppose you have absolute power for one day: what is the first thing that you would do? I would make the seagulls fly over non-polluted landscapes rather than over artificial mountains made of garbage.
What do you like and what don’t you like about fashion?
I like the creativity Made in Italy, I do not like fake goods.
What do you usually have for lunch on Sunday?
It depends….When I don’t have time to cook, I eat the leftovers from the day before.
If you were a material, which one would you be?
I would be a material that reaches the breaking point after a long flexible phase.
A proverb?
“Life can be a great adventure!” It’s not a proverb but a thought from the mythical Peter Pan.
Night or day?
Day, after a good night of sleep!
What’s on your desk?
Desks? You cannot find them anymore… I think that former desk producers are making lab tops right now.
A cd that you bought and that you do not listen to anymore?
Simon and Garfunkel, Concert in Central Park.
It was not nice nor fair, but enjoyable…
Stealing the boyfriend from my best friend…Thank God she took him back, making everybody involved happy ever after.
How does the world look from where you are?
A big carousel that keeps going on in spite of everything because it is moved by the energy of children’s smiles…