Les Envers

Bags and accessories, limited edition color, all handmade!

Education: diploma in fashion design at the Marangoni in Milan, Italy;

Brand Features: No more handbags, purses Enough with the department stores! Les Envers offers new accessories, limited edition color, coordinated with all handmade necklaces, earrings and belts.

Make: bags and accessories handcrafted with soft leather which features retro and the search for detail make the difference. The line “The Poppins” for a woman romantic, elegant, with personality, unique and quirky, a woman who likes to stand out, likes to get noticed and love the feature … why is the ideal bag that contains everything!

“10 Questions to know them”

Short interview to Sara Turatello Les Envers’ fashion designer

what is your preferred room?
the office of my shop.
The true luxury is?
Can do whatever you like when you like to do it
What do you eat for lunch on sunday?
scrambled egg with bacon.
What should you never wear?
A fur.
If you were a fabric you would be…
If I say Italy what do you think about?
Fashion, pizza and scandals
Word or phrases you too often say?
Bread, butter and marmelade or brioche with chocolate.
Do you have any obsessions?
I always match my nail polish to my outfits
Do you have Something very important to suggest to the world?
Stop with the name brand bags!