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“10 Questions to know them”

Gli Stolti” are Simona Moscadelli and Andrea Zeschi, so we will have 2 answers for each question, we will fathom how much they are similar…
(S: Simona’s answers; A: Andrea’s answers)

A town?
S: Citizen of the world!
A: Utopia
Word or phrases you too often say?
S: There’s always a solution!
A: It’s out of malice!
What time do you usually go to sleep?
S: In the dead of night
A: In the dead of night
A proverb?
S: Egocentricity wears out who doesn’t have it (written by me!)
A: As you make your bed, so you must lie on it!
What is your preferred Age?
S: Prehistory
A: Middle Ages
What put you in a good mood?
S: I like traveling and seeing new things.
A: Walking surrounded by greenery.
If you were a season which one would you be?
S: Autumn
A: Spring
What is the most important object in your home?
S: My pictures
A: A fob watch
What do you do before you got to bed?
S: I rot my brain watching television.
A: I think of something, then I forget it.
Do you have Something very important to suggest to the world?
S: Remember that we are billions and so little and that we need to stop thinking only about ourselves!
A: To have a folk memory!

S: Bye!
A: See you soon!