Francesca De Blasi






“10 questions to know them”

Short interview to Francesca De Blasi, designer of the homonym brand!

Do you have Something very important to suggest to the world?
Always believe in yourself and in their own abilities
What put you in a good mood?
The good food and being with people I love
Sai stirare una camicia senza fare troppe “pieghe”?
I get along pretty well… although I must say the truth I do not like ironing shirts!
The worst fashion gaffe one could make?
Dressing just to follow fashion without realizing their physical limits
If you were a town which one would you be?
Absolutely Paris, the most romantic city, the city of lights, luxury and elegance.
Wedge-heeled or stiletto heeled shoes?
Stiletto… high.
People can be divided into…
Dreamers and not-dreamers.
The dreamers believe they can do anything and do everything to succeed… and sometimes they have success.
The not- dreamers are lazy people, they don’t try and for this reason it will never have success.
Do you have any obsessions?
Yes, for all that glitters. In fact the use of Strass Swarovski in my work are my hallmark.
What should you never wear?
Anything that is not well with my body or not to my taste, I do not like to follow fashion blindly. I want to be me to create my own fashion.
The true difference between a child and an adult?
The child can be and become what he wants, has no limits. The adult who sees only the limits.

Greetings from the heart to Giovani Stilisti and all readers!
But remember, always follow your dreams!
I leave you with a poem by Martin Luther King:
“If you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill, Be a shrub in the valley, but be The best little shrub at the side of the hill; Be a bush if you can’t be a tree. If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail, If you can’t be the sun, be a star; Be the best of whatever you are.” Kiss.