Comfort and style are just one thing.

Education: Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, in the “contemporary artistic research”, Bergamo, Italy.

Brand Features: Each cloth is personally designed and supervised by the fashion designer, Donas Benzoni, through a weaving factory of production completely ITALIAN.

The models are still developed in paper and, by hand, materials are soaked before being cut… The tissues are essential, all of them are strictly Italian. This is the philosophy that drives the productions made by Donas: the revaluation of traditions.

Creates:collections take shape, according to the seasons and to the inspirations of the moment but they are always characterized by the pure Made in Italy: velvets, silks, cottons, linens, wools, very high quality tissues are alternated creating a line of continuity. Donas is also art that blends with fashion, carrying on a very personal artistic journey wich is completely free from any kind of constraint… such as the Art-a-Porter which breaks down firmly the boundary that prevents a 360-degree view of the artistic-aesthetic concept. Canvas and dress blend together, conceiving the last one as active support, not for its own sake. The museum takes its place on the catwalk, and what has always been static goes mobile.

“10 Questions to know them”

Short interview to Donas Benzoni, DONAS fashion designer.

People can be divided into?
Word or phrases you too often say?
We have to do things right.
“If I were fire I would burn…”?
The negative thoughts. They make you live bad. We do things well. Please.
What puts you in a good mood?
The awareness of life.
What do you eat for lunch on sunday?
Soy stew.
Ice-cream with hot coffee or chocolate with whipped ice-cream?
Just coffee in a big mug.
If you were an item of clothing which one would you be?
A skirt from bygone days.
Something you wanted and you didn’t have…
The company of people ran out.
IN and OUT colors?
It depends on time and mood…the costant is without a doubt “the must have” the black…par excellence . OUT too much bright colours, matched with aother deep tones.
Do you have Something very important to suggest to the world?
Hope, believe, live.