ByLudo, Jewellery Designer

When an ex-functional object is transformed into the decorative

Education: Rome, Italy

Brand Features: We live in an era in which we are surrounded by many small, useful and indispensable but sometimes superabundant objects and when they don’t work are cumbersome..”
Ludovica was faced with a drawer full of cables, earphones and plugs. The solution would be to throw them all away but had the idea of taking a bag full of these things with her on holiday to the North Sea area in the Summer of 2008. During the long journey by car she started to ponder over these small pieces of technology. She turned them over and over in her mind time and time again until she had a “brainwave”.
The desire to use my hands to invent things and her first source was a drawer full of pieces of earphones, electric cables or obsolete keyboards from personal computers. These pieces come have a second life : first of all being useful, then in dis-use, but can become ornamental and artistic objects.

Creates: “technological” collections in which mouses, earphones, keyboards from pc, microchips, compact discs, sunglasses lenses, every kind of technology components become necklace, choker, bracelet, earrings, rings, Cufflinks matching design and modernity to recycle.