“10 Questions to know them”

Short interview to Simona Negrini AndromedA fashion designer!

Word or phrases you too often say?
Inspite of all it’s always worth it…
“If I were fire I would burn…”?
We are fire, art, soul and brain…we are and always will be pure energy and like the stardust we spread all over.
Something you wanted and you didn’t have..
If I look for something then I find, if I wish for something I will find…I only have to wait!
One song to describe your mood at the moment?
Lullaby, The Cure
It was not good and right but it was fun?
Imagine being something you’re not and you never will be.
Margherita or Capricciosa Pizza?
capricciosa. (even if I don’t like artichoke)
If you were an animal which one would you be?
A panda
What cannot miss in your refrigerator?
In season fruit and vegetables.
The true luxury is?
The happiness of the spirit.
The true difference between a child and an adult?
A child lives dreaming… an adult mainly survives.

I dedicate this thought to you: Fertile and lively brains recreate nonstop the tousand worlds…