Egy C. Designer





“10 questions to know them”

Short Interview to Egy Cutolo designer brand EGY c.

The world is beautiful because is…?
it is beautiful???ah you have invented the pizza… 😉
What should you never wear?
Orthopedic shoes…
If you were an item of clothing which one would you be?
A sure lace dress with transparency or strictly black
From where you are the world seems to you like…?
Bad… as well as envious and spits judgment… a world that is contemporary, unfortunately…
Something you wanted and you didn’t have?
As a child… the sweet baked… 🙁
What cannot miss in your refrigerator?
Butter and the stock cubes
Your creative place?
Not in the car while driving… there is dead silence…
Restaurant or fast-food?
Depends… usually Chinese-Jappo
3 things you like, 3 things you hate?
I love the humility… the smile… the sincerity… hate the opposites of these things andMINIMAL!
Today what is tabù?
Today is taboo be serious and have a strict dignity!!