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Who is Jack Guisso?
Jack Guisso born in Beirut, a Lebanese designer well known for his exquisite dresses and sophisticated designs that inspire women. After graduating from the Business school during the Lebanese war, Guisso went on to pursue his dream and learned his father’s craft to create extinguish dresses.  In 1975 the first atelier was opened to expand the dream which later became a reality… Guisso and his three brothers opened the first shop that year under “Les Amis” ready-to-wear clothes for women characterized by a fashion which targets the modern women. It soon expanded to reach eleven retail shops in every major city and malls in Lebanon. The passion of creating the finest dresses remained until 1996 when Jack Guisso decided to dedicate his time into Haute Couture hence Guisso Haute Couture… ”Sarafia” marking the brand name, Guisso offered breath taking evening gowns with handmade embroidery and top quality fabrics to say the least…  To accompany the big success, in 1998 his first runway show was as successful as everyone thought would be. The delicate and modernized blossoms as described by the press, was the key turning point to his career. Guisso then participated on runways in Paris, Spain, Italy and United-States. The brand was ready to expand beyond the Lebanese borders. In 2002 Guisso opened the first franchise outside the Lebanese territories. London, New York, Milan, Rome, Paris, Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, Amman, Damascus…etc. are just a few of the shops that carried Jack Guisso’s collection. The Guisso Tower headquartered in Sin el Fil and with more than a hundred and fifty colleagues working hand in hand in creating the finest luxury dresses complemented the hard work over the years. Today, Jack Guisso is still striving for his passion to be in the heart of every major city in the world.

Where did your inspiration come from?
I get my inspiration from the beauty of Lebanese women. We have many beautiful women with an oriental and European mix.

Do your Italian roots influence your style?
I am Lebanese origin but definitely Italy is one of  my favourite countries and it influences me in my designs and styles. Italy is the ideal country for fashion.

What is the identikit of the woman who chooses a Guisso dress?
Actually all women love Jack Guisso designs where they find simplicity and elegancy at the same time and varies with all types of characters.

How important is for a designer that women like Jane Fonda and famous like Paris Hilton wear one of your dresses for an event like the Golden Globe?
It is definitely very important and a great honour for me to have such A list celebrities wearing my designs.

The originality and beauty have no boundaries…
Of course. They are endless… No boundaries in beauty is what keeps a designer inspired to create new designs.

Rome is your ideal showcase?
Rome is sure my ideal showcase. This is my 3rd time presenting my couture collections in Rome and I am willing to keep on showing there along the coming new seasons. Italy is the country of fashion and we are having great feedback from Italian press.

Which colors belong to you?
Gold  never fails in your  collections… Gold and Champagne are one of my favourite colours aside Ocean Blue. I feel they are prestigious colours.

The seduction is…
Seduction especially from women is a feeling for inspiration and encouragement for new design creations.

In this globalized world, that always takes less time and attention to beauty, there is still room for Haute Couture?
There is always time and  room for Haute Couture… It is endless…

The ideal of beauty is changing?
Beauty is slightly changing with time and especially in our time where people are getting more modern and stylish, but still the origin and classic of  beauty could never fade away.

When do you realize that you had achieved success?
I have been in the fashion industry almost 25 years now and got success year after year, but sure getting in the Haute Couture line was a big success to me and seeing women and celebrities wearing my designs from all around the world.

What are your feelings on the runway, when your audience/followers clapping?
It is one of the best feelings honestly while walking on the runway and seeing the audience clapping with positive reactions. I could feel the power and the self satisfaction in me.

Fashion is a job or a lifestyle?
Fashion is a lifestyle and a hobby. It comes within the person from his love of seeing beauty.

Who is your favorite designer?
Every designer has his own unique creations but Valentino is my favourite.

To a guy who wants to look out to the world of fashion as a designer, what would you recommend?
Follow his passion and give his best.

One thing that you want to do…
I have too many goals I would like to achieve in the fashion industry and mainly focusing and spreading Jack Guisso brand all around the world.

…Something that should never have to do…
Never stop loving my passion in fashion…

…Something that would remake…
I have no regrets so far in what I do Thank God. I am pleased in every single thing I create in my designs.

How many time to create a collection from concept to the fashion show?
Each collection takes around 2 months of creation and production to be finalized and ready to be launched.

Projects and trips for the future
Like every season, we are working on a new couture collection to present in Rome during Alta Roma Fashion Week and hopefully we might expand our showroom in several countries.